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Merry and Bright | A Challenger Foundation Christmas Story
Chucking cars at crooks is easy fare for the Challenger Foundation's heavy hitter. But finding the right words to thank that special someone on Christmas Eve? That's an uphill battle for Atomic Ranger. Members Only.
By Mike DiBaggio Posted in Challenger Confidential on December 26, 2019 30 min read
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Story and Illustrations: Shell Presto

Allen Adams had always been content to go unnoticed. On the farm or in the air force, it was his experience that the nameless and the faceless were usually found doing the most important work. Being useful was what mattered, not recognition.

So it was ironic, and uncomfortable, that he should be standing in a roomful of the most prominent superheroes in the world. It was a small group — this afternoon party on Christmas Eve was just for the active members of . . .

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Atomic Ranger Meteora

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