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Serialized novels, short stories, and vignettes of heroic adventure.
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Marble Madness | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 2)

A musician, a radioactive commando, and a 900 year old techno-wizard walk into a museum...

We arrived at the Met too late for the fight and the chase, thank God. As we passed through the police cordon, I saw the whole crew of this oddball caper handcuffed and prostrate on the pavement. In particular I noticed the weirdo that Roundtable mentioned: a petite girl with long, braided, green hair and […]

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Petrified. Literally. | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 1) 

While visiting New York on business, three oddball superheroes are called in to investigate a most unusual robbery.

I hate New York, and I’ve put on enough shows there for that to mean something. Like any place, it has its high points—Duke’s Smorgasbord and my favorite cathouse on 49th, for example—but overall it’s too crowded, the people are rude, and it smells like a dump. If it ever had any charm, it ran […]

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Tough Gig | After Dark (Part 1)

 Meet Sebastian Pereira: emergent psychic, teenage crime fighter, superhero.

Story: Michael DiBaggio | Illustrations: Shell Presto Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a superhero. When I was five years old, I was with my aunt at the bank when the bank got robbed. We didn’t even realize it had happened, but then the cretins wrecked their getaway car and ran back […]

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