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Population of Loss
The Martian onslaught has crushed earth's mightiest empires and reduced the great achievements of civilization to poisoned rubble, but mankind still endures. From the ruins of England to the desolate American west, unexpected champions arise to confront a foe that has never yet known defeat, and the stakes are nothing less than the survival of the human race.
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The Lights Go Out | Population of Loss (Part 4)

The last survivors of a secret society must shoulder the consequences of their failure to stop the Martian invasion as they seek refuge elsewhere in a hostile universe. 

Story: Michael DiBaggio | Cover Art: Paul Roth Captain Sheldrake’s great round face thrust out from the doorway, his eyes darting, his red cheeks quivering. An impatient gust from his lungs set his push-broom mustache billowing. “Hurry, God damn you!” But Professor Addison Lang couldn’t possibly hurry any more than he already was. He had lost his shoe and now […]

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The Devil to Pay | Population of Loss (Part 3)

A cursed western lawman takes his vengeance on the Martians and their human collaborators

It was the ninth day of Oak Creek’s captivity when Lobo and his bandits led a new prisoner into the canyon. Those few citizens of the small Arizona mining town still around to talk about it were in a commotion, their eyes gawking and their voices full of fear and anticipation. As he squinted over […]

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The Lost Boy | Population of Loss (Part 2)

A Fairy Tale at the End of the World

Story: Michael DiBaggio | Cover Illustration: Arthur Rackham (PD) The streets of Woking were crowded that Saturday afternoon, much more so than usual owing to the commotion in the sandpits outside of town. There, the boffins and such folk as didn’t have enough business of their own to mind had gathered to gawk at a […]

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In Hoc Signo | Population of Loss (Part 1)

A lowly railway worker finds hope and help unexpected in the ruins of Martian-dominated England.

Journal of Jamison Doyle 13 July, 1898 I enter the following account without hesitation, though any who should read it may think me a liar or else insensible, drunk, or delirious from facing that monstrous power that drives man toward extinction. But such awesome events as I have witnessed demand chronicling regardless of the risk […]

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