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Challenger Confidential
The Promethean! Amp! Atomic Ranger! Meteora! Ephemera! Bulwark! The Challenger Foundation are known as the 'World's Greatest Adventurers' for a good reason. But they're more than just a superhero team: they're a family. Bad blood and all.
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Like a Stone | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 3)

The Promethean interviews Pete Halstein, the partially petrified working stiff who stopped Medusa.

We found our working class hero weighing down the back of an ambulance, his massive shoulders hunched as he breathed deeply from an oxygen mask. He was naked except for a blanket draped over his lap, with stony fragments of what I later realized were his petrified shirt, pants, and underwear still stuck to his […]

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Merry and Bright | A Challenger Foundation Christmas Story

Chucking cars at crooks is easy fare for the Challenger Foundation's heavy hitter. But finding the right words to thank that special someone on Christmas Eve? That's an uphill battle for Atomic Ranger. Members Only.

Story and Illustrations: Shell Presto Allen Adams had always been content to go unnoticed. On the farm or in the air force, it was his experience that the nameless and the faceless were usually found doing the most important work. Being useful was what mattered, not recognition. So it was ironic, and uncomfortable, that he […]

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Marble Madness | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 2)

A musician, a radioactive commando, and a 900 year old techno-wizard walk into a museum...

We arrived at the Met too late for the fight and the chase, thank God. As we passed through the police cordon, I saw the whole crew of this oddball caper handcuffed and prostrate on the pavement. In particular I noticed the weirdo that Roundtable mentioned: a petite girl with long, braided, green hair and […]

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Petrified. Literally. | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 1) 

While visiting New York on business, three oddball superheroes are called in to investigate a most unusual robbery.

I hate New York, and I’ve put on enough shows there for that to mean something. Like any place, it has its high points—Duke’s Smorgasbord and my favorite cathouse on 49th, for example—but overall it’s too crowded, the people are rude, and it smells like a dump. If it ever had any charm, it ran […]

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