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Grimalkin | After Dark (Part 4)

Torrent tangles with the Werecat of Hazlewood, but all is not what it seems.

Taken day by day, the life of a masked vigilante is kind of boring. Between the big showdowns, the busted capers, and the close brushes with death, there’s a lot of waiting for trouble, and most often trouble doesn’t trouble to happen. The truth is there’s an awful lot of running around for what seems […]

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Close Encounters | After Dark (Part 3)

Sebastian visits the coolest nightclub in Shadyside, and his defense of Evangeline comes back to bite him.

I already knew there was going to be trouble tonight. I didn’t know where or what kind, but I knew it. It had nothing to do with ESP, just one of those feelings anybody can get, a notion that sneaks inside your skull and curls up in a corner of your brain, periodically flashing its […]

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Like a Stone | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 3)

The Promethean interviews Pete Halstein, the partially petrified working stiff who stopped Medusa.

We found our working class hero weighing down the back of an ambulance, his massive shoulders hunched as he breathed deeply from an oxygen mask. He was naked except for a blanket draped over his lap, with stony fragments of what I later realized were his petrified shirt, pants, and underwear still stuck to his […]

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