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Merry and Bright | A Challenger Foundation Christmas Story

Chucking cars at crooks is easy fare for the Challenger Foundation's heavy hitter. But finding the right words to thank that special someone on Christmas Eve? That's an uphill battle for Atomic Ranger. Members Only.

Story and Illustrations: Shell Presto Allen Adams had always been content to go unnoticed. On the farm or in the air force, it was his experience that the nameless and the faceless were usually found doing the most important work. Being useful was what mattered, not recognition. So it was ironic, and uncomfortable, that he […]

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The Nice List | An Irregulars Christmas Story

What does a superhero want for Christmas? See what Corona and Torrent come up with in this never-before-seen romantic short story. Members Only

The doors of St. Jamison Doyle’s opened a few minutes after seven o’clock, letting the muffled voices of choir and organ drift towards heaven with the chimney smoke and hang with the frosted stars in the dark winter sky above Pittsburgh. The congregation filtered out gradually. First came the young loners, desperate to avoid awkward […]

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The Lights Go Out | Population of Loss (Part 4)

The last survivors of a secret society must shoulder the consequences of their failure to stop the Martian invasion as they seek refuge elsewhere in a hostile universe. 

Story: Michael DiBaggio | Cover Art: Paul Roth Captain Sheldrake’s great round face thrust out from the doorway, his eyes darting, his red cheeks quivering. An impatient gust from his lungs set his push-broom mustache billowing. “Hurry, God damn you!” But Professor Addison Lang couldn’t possibly hurry any more than he already was. He had lost his shoe and now […]

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The Devil to Pay | Population of Loss (Part 3)

A cursed western lawman takes his vengeance on the Martians and their human collaborators

It was the ninth day of Oak Creek’s captivity when Lobo and his bandits led a new prisoner into the canyon. Those few citizens of the small Arizona mining town still around to talk about it were in a commotion, their eyes gawking and their voices full of fear and anticipation. As he squinted over […]

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