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The Lost Boy | Population of Loss (Part 2)

A Fairy Tale at the End of the World

Story: Michael DiBaggio | Cover Illustration: Arthur Rackham (PD) The streets of Woking were crowded that Saturday afternoon, much more so than usual owing to the commotion in the sandpits outside of town. There, the boffins and such folk as didn’t have enough business of their own to mind had gathered to gawk at a […]

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In Hoc Signo | Population of Loss (Part 1)

A lowly railway worker finds hope and help unexpected in the ruins of Martian-dominated England.

Journal of Jamison Doyle 13 July, 1898 I enter the following account without hesitation, though any who should read it may think me a liar or else insensible, drunk, or delirious from facing that monstrous power that drives man toward extinction. But such awesome events as I have witnessed demand chronicling regardless of the risk […]

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First Impressions | After Dark (Part 2)

New girl in town Evangeline Garver meets the school un-welcoming committee. Fortunately, a newly minted hero comes to her rescue.

Balanced on the tips of her toes, Evangeline reached for a thin volume on the top shelf and then stopped, letting her pink-nailed fingertips drag down the spine of the aged text, softly scratching on the embossed golden letters that called her attention. She frowned, suddenly unsure of why she should care about Sumatra’s giant […]

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Marble Madness | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 2)

A musician, a radioactive commando, and a 900 year old techno-wizard walk into a museum...

We arrived at the Met too late for the fight and the chase, thank God. As we passed through the police cordon, I saw the whole crew of this oddball caper handcuffed and prostrate on the pavement. In particular I noticed the weirdo that Roundtable mentioned: a petite girl with long, braided, green hair and […]

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Petrified. Literally. | Copper Knights & Granite Men (Part 1) 

While visiting New York on business, three oddball superheroes are called in to investigate a most unusual robbery.

I hate New York, and I’ve put on enough shows there for that to mean something. Like any place, it has its high points—Duke’s Smorgasbord and my favorite cathouse on 49th, for example—but overall it’s too crowded, the people are rude, and it smells like a dump. If it ever had any charm, it ran […]

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